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We couldn't be happier that you have chosen Pay Check as your payroll provider of choice!

You will find our recently upgraded portal is not only super user friendly; it also provides clarity on the payroll process and how to access your employee's data securely.

If you are reading this you should have received your welcome email inviting you to set up a password.

Below is our Quick Start Guide - or you can download a PDF version here.

Please Note: We suggest using Google Chrome or Microsoft edge, as the portal works best utilizing these browsers. In case a resolution warning pops up, you can address it going into the browser settings and zoom out.


Set up your Password

Password format: your password should be a minimum of 8 characters to include at least one uppercase letter, one lowercase letter, one special character (such as ! or ?) and one number.

Read on for our helpful user guide!!


When you first login to the portal here https://clientportal.paycheck.co.uk/ you will see your missing personal details alerts - if you have any!


You can close this alert and will still be able to see them at any time in the top right hand corner of your dashboard.

Alerts Corner

From the dashboard, you can click on any number to see what details are missing.

Alerts Detail

You can even export them in a handy CSV file for use outside of the portal.

Alerts Export


Your dashboard shows various information about where in the payroll processing timeline your data is with Pay Check along the bottom, and information on the status of your employees in your pension scheme(s) along the top.


You can change the payroll month to view past data, and see your total employer costs to the middle right of the screen.


Along the left hand side is your main menu, and by clicking on the 3 dots on the top left next to your name, you can change your password or log out.



Downloading Templates and Manual Files, Calculations or Notes

To download a template that we have prepared for you, or any other manual file, calculation, or notes, you will find them under Company Documents -> Download Document.

Click on the small orange lined icon on the left of the written description of the file.


Uploading Payroll Data

When you are ready to upload your payroll data for the month, from the left hand menu, choose Company Document, and then Upload Documents.

Upload Document

You will see a list of the previous documents you have uploaded.

Choose the logo that is a green circle with a white cross next to the Upload Document heading to add new documents.

Upload Document Plus

You will see a box that allows you to drag and drop documents, or click to browse and navigate to the folder on your network that contains your payroll data.


This same box tells you the types of files that are compatible to be uploaded.


Choose your document and click Open.

Upload your document

When you click on Open you will be taken to an uploader menu.

The payroll data is for Pay Check to Process so "Show to Bureau" will be pre-ticked by default.

If the payroll data is for other users with administration rights to view too, click Show to Users.

Choose what type of file it is - most files will come under the category Payroll File - and enter the Payroll Month Number - so for example April = Month 1, June = Month 3 etc

You do not need to enter an expiry date for regular files, this would only be for sensitive data that you may not want accessible after a certain period of time.

Click Upload.

Choose payroll file

Once you have clicked upload you will be able to see your file in the Upload file history.


The Upload file history contains upload date for your own audit reference.

Upload list

Viewing Payroll Reports for Approval

You will receive an email telling you when payroll reports are available for approval.

You will find draft reports available to view or download by clicking on the icons to the left of the report title.

If you are happy to authorise the reports, simply tick the boxes next to the reports you are approving, then click on the Approve button in the top right corner.

Once reports have been approved they move to Historical Reports, which you can view from the left hand menu button of the same name.

If you have noticed something that needs adjusting on the reports, click on Reject and send a note detailing that a change will be required.

If you have further changes, upload them as a document through Company Documents -> Upload Document.

Reports for appproval

Employee Details

You can view your employees' details at any point by clicking Employees and then Employee List A on the left hand main menu.


You will see some lines are highlighted in pink - this means that they have been made a leaver by the payroll team. You can view any P45s that have been posted on the employee portal through the black P45 icon next to the employee's name under the Actions column.


Employee details view

Viewing Employees Payslips

You can view all payslips through the Menu heading Payrolls -> Payslip.

At the top of this page choose the frequency of the payroll (Monthly for most of our clients) and then under Tax Period choose as many periods as you would like to view (here we have selected all periods).

Then click Apply to view all lines available.

You can use the filter cells above the data to filter down, for example by employee number or surname.

Viewing employee payslips

If you want to view an actual payslip rather than in table format, just click the white page icon next to the employee name, under the Actions column.

You will see the same payslip that your employees see, and like them you can download to save, print or just view.

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