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Important Announcement For Our Clients and Partners: COVID-19 Queries

Please note that on Friday 17.04.20 HMRC issued new guidance on how to calculate the ER NIC and ER Pen for part month furlough.

If you have used one of our calculators, they will be correct for full month calculations but not for part month. Original guidance stated that whole allowances would be applied to the furlough amount but updated guidance now states it can be pro-rata’d. This is good news for employers as it means your overall claim can be higher than previously calculated. Please use the HMRC calculator available here for your part month furlough employees:

If you have completed the process of obtaining your HMRC gateway login, make sure you have logged in then the below short cut will take you to your claim site:

For clients submitting payroll information:

  • We maintain that you should be providing us the whole furlough amount
  • However we are aware that this will be difficult to calculate for some clients – so where we have the capacity to assist in calculations we will do so. We are completely sympathetic to the fact that these are difficult times, however we have a finite amount of resource available from our team members, so if we estimate that the additional work is outside of the regular payroll service fee the usual project work fee of £95 per hour will apply, with a minimum fee of £47.50 – we will always ask you to confirm acceptance before carrying out any work that requires an additional fee.

Our calculations of the Furloughed Pay amounts are based on our understanding of the guidance provided on the HMRC website, please be advised that we cannot guarantee that your Furlough Claims would be successful, for further guidance, please contact HMRC or ACAS.

  • HMRC have provided guidance for how to calculate your furlough claim but we understand some clients might find this difficult, so we can offer to calculate this data for you for a minimum fee of £25.00 for up to 50 employees or £0.50 per employee for clients larger than 50 employees. You will still need to make your claim application with HMRC with the calculations we provide, as Pay Check is a file only bureau with limited access to your PAYE information.

We understand this is a difficult time, so from all of our team, we would like to assure you of our dedication to great service delivery, and wish our clients a safe and healthy time during this lockdown period.


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