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As a valued client of the Pay Check Auto Enrolment service we would like to inform you that Chase De Vere - our partners in the service - have completed an independent governance review of the workplace pension with Scottish Widows.

This review was completed to ensure that the qualifying workplace pension scheme continues to meet all the statutory requirements of Auto Enrolment, meets the principles for good governance set out by The Pensions Regulator and continues to deliver the best outcome for your employees. Click the link below to download your report today!


"I have used Pay Check to manage my payroll for about ten years now, and subsequently the auto enrolment for pensions, and the support I’ve received since the start has been amazing. When you run a small business, payroll, pensions, PAYE, etc. can all be so confusing, but this is a one-stop-shop for everything and they have guided me through it all. Apart from sending my payroll in once a month I can literally forget about things and immerse myself in the day to day running of my business instead. Pay Check’s charges are really affordable and worth every penny. I cannot recommend the company highly enough.”

Wendy Carter ( Village Link Magazines )

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