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Our Host:
Mica Bristow

payroll agency london

Our Guest:
Jodie Hill

-New Webinar Series-

Wednesday 27th May - 10am

Find out how you can look after your staff's mental health whilst they work remotely!

We are super excited to introduce our partners Jodie Hill from Thrive Law!

Pay Check's Mica Bristow will be hosting the third of a four part webinar series with plenty of experienced guests to give their thoughts & guidance on all things related to running a business!

In this webinar, we’ll cover:

Home Working and Mental Health

Live Q&A

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The third in a series of four webinars. Each session will last for one hour and will feature a different guest discussing a different topic.

We look forward to seeing you there.

Find out more about Jodie Hill and Thrive Law


Mica Bristow

Mica Bristow

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