Please make sure to read all of the information in the below timetable so that you understand both your obligations as an employer and what you can expect from us - then scroll down and complete the form below if you have any specific requests.

If you have any queries on the information on this page, use the contact us button at the bottom of the page and speak to your account manager for more guidance.

From 06/03/19
Additional Payments

Our Clients must inform Pay Check of any bonuses/additional payments (i.e. to directors) made during the tax year that have not been processed through the payroll - communicate this with your normal payroll submission.

Apprenticeship Levy

Please complete this section of the year end request form below if you have a change in your obligations for the new tax year. We do not need to know if your liability to pay the levy remains the same. If you are a group of companies changing how the levy allowance is split, please confirm how much of the £15,000 allowance will be allocated to each company. For more information please click on the link

Employment Allowance

Please complete this section of the Year End request form below if you are NOT eligible for the Employment Allowance for 2019/2020. If the employment allowance was claimed in 2018/19 PC will continue to claim for 2019/2020.

Special Requests and Reclaim CIS Deductions

If you require a duplicate set of PDF P60's, P60's for employees on hold or if you have CIS deductions to be entered on the final EPS please complete this section of the year end requests form below. PC will only issue P60's for current employees on the final payroll run.

From 08/04/19 - 31/05/19
Release of Forms P60

PC will despatch forms P60s. Clients with paper and email payslips will receive P60s by post. If you have web payslips the web P60s will be uploaded by 31/05/19 which is the deadline for distributing forms P60 to employees. Please remind your employees to keep their P60 in a safe place. PC can issue duplicate P60s at a cost of £12.50 each. PC requires 48 hours notice for a duplicate P60.

With April Payroll
1819 YTD Report

This year PC will email your report with the April payroll (your normal password will be applied).

Deadline for paying Month 12 PAYE/NIC to HMRC if you make your payments by cheque

Remember - HMRC charges interest on any late payments received after 18/4/2018!

Deadline for paying Month 12 PAYE/NIC to the HMRC if you pay electronically

If PC pay your PAYE by BACS we will do so for 18/4/2018. HMRC will charge interest on PAYE payments made after this date relating to the 2018/2019 tax year.

Forms P11d and P11d(b)

Deadline for submitting these forms to HMRC.

Payment of Class 1A NIC

Deadline for paying Class 1A NIC to HMRC. If PC pays your salaries by BACS we can pay the Class 1A NIC for a charge of £10.00.

Other Points to Consider

  • If an employee/director holds a deferment certificate to pay reduced rate NIC - form CA72A - they must reapply for a new certificate before the beginning of the new tax year from HMRC - Please forward a copy to Pay Check so we can continue to deduct NIC at the reduced rate from 6 April 2019.
  • If Pay Check pays your salaries by BACS for an additional fee we can also pay your PAYE/VAT by BACS. If you would like further information please contact Tracy Anderson on 020 7498 1133.
  • Make sure you check the personal details validation report each month to ensure your employee's details are up to date.

Year End Requests 2018/19


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