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Employee User

I’m trying to set my password but it does not work?

ePay Login Fields

When setting/resetting your password, do not make any changes to what’s in the upper most field (it is intended to be a combination of your company code and username)

Please remember when setting up your passwords that it needs to be:

  • At least 8 characters
  • A mixture of upper and lower case
  • Include a number
  • At least two non-alphanumeric characters
    (I.e. symbols or any other form of punctuation)
  • Without underscores

I cannot log in?

Please ensure you have successfully set your password as detailed in I’m trying to set my password.

Please refer to your Welcome Email from EPay Portal for the following details:

  • User Name
  • Company Code

Based on the example below, the credentials need to be entered as follows:

ePay Login Field arrows


  • The Username and company code need to be entered exactly as stated in your welcome email, however they are not case sensitive
  • You cannot substitute your username with your email address
  • You cannot substitute your company code with the company name
  • If you have entered your credentials correctly but you’re still unable to log in, click Forgot Password? And complete the form to have a reset email issued
  • If the issue persists, contact the designated persons at your organisation or your administrator to have this resolved

How can I view all my Payslips?

  • Click on Employee Access on the left hand menu

  • This should drop down the option for Payslips

  • This will load a page where you can select a payslip using the Financial Year and Payment Date option


  • Alternatively you can click the Payslips View option just below Payslips

  • This will list all payslips from newest to oldest, descending. Scroll to the right of the desired payslip, and click View Payslip

How can I change my personal info on the Portal?

As a regular Employee user, you need to contact the designated persons at your organisation who can have this completed for you through the payroll processing. You cannot change this directly on the portal, you can only view the information held on our payroll system as advised by your employer.

Client HR User

How can I reissue my employee’s welcome email?

You do not need to issue welcome emails to new employees, this happens automatically when we upload their first payslip - however the welcome email does expire after 4 days, so if you wanted to quickly resend a welcome email outside of our opening hours, the following will tell you how:

  • Log into your user profile
  • If entering for a specific employee, go to Manage User Details 
  • Search the user by any of the columns presented, scroll to the far right of the row, and click this icon to reissue the welcome email  
  • If resending for all employees, click “Email & Welcome Status” and then it will open a sub-menu

  • Click “Welcome Email Status
  • If you are resending for all employees, simply select the All Employees radio button and click Send Welcome Email

  • If the employee(s) do not receive their welcome email, double check in Manage user details that their email address(es) are correct
  • If the issue persists, please contact your administrator

How do I download report files?

  • Log in, and click Pay Check Reports on the left hand menu

  • You will then be presented with a file browser
  • Navigate to the relevant pay period’s folder
  • Once you’ve found the file(s) you desire, select them and then click “Download All Files as Zip
  • Selecting a block of files can be done by clicking the most top left file you desire, then hold down the Shift key as you click the most bottom right file
  • Alternatively to make a miscellaneous selection, hold down the Ctrl key as you select your files
  • The selected files will be highlighted in orange, as pictured below


If you are still having a problem, email epayportal@paycheck.co.uk and one of our team will get back to you!

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