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When you own a small business there are many things that you have to take care of, whether you do them yourself or one of your handful of employees is allocated to a job. As an entrepreneur, albeit not in such a large way as way as someone such as Sir Alan Sugar, you are obviously dedicated to growing your business and that means that the majority of your time needs to be spent on expanding your customer base and providing the products or services that you sell.

Of course, as your business grows you need to take on more employees and train them, whether that is as part of a growing sales team, a member of your production team, a service provider, a switchboard operator, a call centre operative, and more. The only employee who directly affects your income is a member of your sales team, because all the rest either offer support, such as being part of your manufacturing team, or are simply an overhead, such as a switchboard operator. That operator doesn’t add a penny to your sales figures but is an employee that you need to have.

Of course, one of the disadvantages of having to have employees is that you have to pay them, which is not unreasonable, but is yet something else which takes up time that you could better spend going to see potential new customers. Nonetheless carrying out your payroll has to be done, and it has to be done correctly because HMRC can penalise you with fines if you make mistakes.

Undertaking payroll is fine if you trained as an accountant because it is all to do with figures and complicated tax issues, and that is one of the things that accountants do. But it can be no fun at all if you are a website designer, a manufacturer of clothing, or a printer. Suddenly, you have to learn all about tax for heaven’s sake?

Or perhaps you don’t. Maybe you take one of your office staff – a secretary perhaps – and send her off on a one-day course and let her deal with your payroll. That might work to some extent, but the problem with taxes is that they can change all the time. Not only that, but your employees’ situations can change as well. You can have two people doing the same job yet be different for tax purposes. It becomes very easy to make mistakes for someone who is not trained and qualified.

This is why so many small businesses use our payroll solutions in the UK at PayCheck. Payroll is what we do, and we have thousands of clients ranging from small businesses, such as yours, to much larger ones that can also see the benefit of outsourcing what can be a very complex and expensive procedure to do in-house.

We have been providing payroll services since 1996 and our team keep right up to date with every tiny change in legislation so that your payroll is always correct. We help to plan your tax year so that you understand your responsibilities as an employer, and we do it in language that is simple to understand rather than the complex “tax-speak” that some accountants use. As an employer, among other things you have to operate a pension scheme for your employees and understand things such as an eligible employee, a non-eligible employee, and an entitled worker, when a non-eligible worker becomes an eligible worker, what you have to do if an entitled worker wants to join your pension scheme, and so on.

Do you really want to have to learn all that, or would you rather let our payroll solutions in the UK do it all for you while you get on with running your business


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