RandDTax offers a specialist R&D consultancy service that is totally independent. R&D consultancy is their sole specialism. They have helped with over 5,100 successful R&D claims, this has generated over £129 million for their clients.


Staff Training

Clients have a key relationship directly with their allocated consultant, but can benefit from the knowledge and experience of their many business partners operating within the firm. All the shareholders are involved in the day to day operation of the business and a first-class service is their focus.



Tax is a serious matter and they take ethics seriously. The R&D scheme is a privilege to work with, the companies that benefit from its existence do so at the discretion of the government. With that privilege comes a responsibility to claim within the rules. Ethical standards and compliance processes are therefore crucial to any form of R&D consultancy.


Giving Back

R&D believes in more than their own bottom line. They run two schemes which help give back. Free first year trading R&D claim consultancy for start-ups, and microfinance investment for the economically disadvantaged.

Trusted Partner


We would like to introduce RandDTax

They are an award-winning tax consultancy who won the SME National Business Innovation Award in 2017, due to their highly effective and responsive business model. However, they are more interested in helping their clients flourish than winning awards.



Linda Eziquiel

Regional Director

“I’ve been a shareholder and Regional Director with RandDTax (RandDTax is the trading name of Terry Toms and Partners Ltd), since Terry Tom’s founded the company in September 2012.

I come from a Dorset farming family, although I’ve been London based for most of my career, which has spanned the charity, public and private sectors; including managing large scale government and EU funded regeneration programs and providing business advice to the founders and directors of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). It has been a pleasure to be able to bring this wealth of experience together in working with our SME clients in RandDTax.

In the seven years since RandDTax was established, I have personally assisted well over 100 companies to make successful R&D tax credit claims. RandDTax has gained in excess of £112 million for more than 1,100 companies, most of which are SMEs. The average benefit for an SME client is around £45K, although the range could be anything from ten thousand to several hundred thousand pounds per company, per year.

The challenge for a lot of companies and their advising tax accountants, is finding out about R&D Tax credit/relief and once they do, understanding what qualifies as R&D, what the cash benefit will be and how to make an effective claim. To address this lack of awareness of what is an excellent UK Government incentive scheme, we have created a range of materials and educational programs for both SME founders/directors and accountancy firms.”

Particular areas where Linda / RandDTax can assist:

  • For accountancy firms:
  • Provide a free R&D tax credit workshop, onsite for you and your staff.
  • Partner with you to enable you to offer your clients a specialist R&D tax credit/relief claims service.
  • For SME founders/directors:
  • Deliver an initial free R&D tax credit qualification audit and scoping exercise.
  • Provide a comprehensive ‘no win no fee’ R&D tax credit/relief claims service.
  • Provide bespoke consultancy and support where HMRC has opened an Enquiry into an R&D claim.

"I would be delighted to explore in more detail how I can assist you with understanding or benefiting from the UK Government R&D tax credit/relief schemes."

We can initiate a personal introduction