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Running Payroll Is Time-Consuming And Complicated

When you run a business and are an employer, you have a lot of responsibilities. If you start your business on your own as a self-employed individual, then at that point you don’t have them, but as soon as you take on your first employee, you are up to your neck in “admin”. You have to undertake payroll, pay your employee, make returns to HMRC and pay the appropriate taxes. And you have to do this every pay day, so if you pay weekly, you have a weekly job.

It doesn’t stop there, either. With certain notable exceptions, when you take on an employee you have to enrol them in your company pension scheme. You may not even have been aware of it, but most employees are eligible to be enrolled in the company pension scheme, and you have to enrol them whether they like it or not!

It Gets Very Complicated

Certainly, they can then opt out, but not until you have enrolled them in the first place. Oh, and if they do opt out, they can choose to opt-in again later on! That means that as soon as you start taking on employees, you also have to set up a pension scheme in the first place. Do you begin to see just how complicated all this is, with all of the laws that you have to comply with these days?

This is why more and more businesses are using a payroll agency in the UK. At Pay Check, when you use us as your payroll agency in London, we can take over the whole cat and caboodle for you – pension scheme and all. The bigger your business grows, the better, obviously, but at the same time, your payroll gets bigger and more complicated as well. As a leading payroll agency in the UK, we can deal with all the legal stuff, while you get on with doing what you should be doing, and want to do, and that is to expand your business.

Let’s face it: at the end of the day, it is all “paperwork”, and every hour you spend on paperwork is an hour that you are not earning a penny. Using us as your payroll agency in London gives you all that time back instantly.


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