What is Pension Auto Enrolment?

Payroll auto enrolment requires all employers to automatically enrol staff into a pension scheme to make contributions. Designed to ensure
savings towards retirement with easy access to a workplace pension scheme.
To understand more about auto enrolment please refer to the HMRC website for more information on workplace pensions

What information do you need for Auto Enrolment?

  • Designated person managing the pension scheme.
  • Type of pension scheme.
  • Contribution percentage and how much you’ll have to pay in.
  • The date you’re added to the pension scheme.
  • How to leave the scheme if you want to.
  • How tax relief applies to you.

Pay Check’s Auto Enrolment Service

The Pay Check Auto Enrolment service is designed for clients who want a straightforward, cost-effective pension solution that ensures full compliance with new legislative requirements.

Whether you have an existing pension provider, a start-up seeking to implement auto enrolment, or planning to transfer your pension auto enrolment provider, this service is for you. We’re able to provide fully managed auto enrolment services in exclusion of redeclaration.

We offer expertise in helping our clients fulfil their pension obligations through our partnership with independent financial advisors, including Chase de Vere and Wren Sterling.

A Range of Services Available


Pay Check offers a range of services for businesses who have their own pension arrangements already in place but require support to ensure the smooth operation of their schemes. These include assessment of employee eligibility, calculations of contributions, AE reporting and employee notifications.

Should you prefer to use independent financial advice to choose a different pension provider, Pay Check have services to support those requirements too.



Pay Check Auto Enrolment Assess Plus Services
Pay Check’s Auto Enrolment Assess Plus service includes assessment and calculation, in addition to pension uploads and communications direct to your employees.