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As a Small But Growing Business, your Payroll can Get Out of Hand

When you run a small business, one of the most time-consuming tasks can be dealing with payroll. If you start a business from scratch, it may begin with just you and a partner or two, but the whole point of starting a business is to do something that you enjoy, whilst making an above average income – ideally, way above an average income.

If things go well and your business takes off, it will not be very long before you’ll need to take on an employee or two, and the instant you do that, you are involved in payroll. Ok, this may not be too time-consuming to begin with, but as you gradually take on more employees, you’ll find yourself bogged down ever deeper into payroll administration, and suddenly you’ll find that you are spending several hours a week on it.

Now you may be a web designer, run a corner shop, have a small building company, be a landscape gardener, have a car repair business, or one of many, many other businesses, but one thing is for sure; you didn’t train as an accountant. Yet here you are, up to your neck in “maths” which, if you are like most people, wasn’t your favourite subject at school. And if you are one of those people, it follows that you most likely would want to avoid it if possible maybe because “maths” isn’t something you’re good at or it just didn’t interest you.

That makes it even more complicated to deal with your payroll because you uninterested in “maths”, or you are not very good at it. Yet if you get things wrong, you can be on the receiving end of penalties from HMRC. As a business owner, you are very likely not too well-versed on the intricate world of government tax regulations, yet you are legally responsible for ensuring that all your payroll and tax returns are calculated accurately. It all seems rather unfair, but that’s the way the cookie crumbles, as the old saying goes.

Part of the difficulty is that, as a small business, you don’t have sufficient employees to warrant taking on someone full time to deal with payroll. That means that you either have to carry on doing it yourself, or alternatively train one of your staff to take over the duties as part of their working week. You will also need some expensive payroll software in addition.

All of this is why so many people today are outsourcing payroll, and to outsource your employees’ payroll to us at PayCheck would be the best way for you to go too.

The fact is, payroll is what we do and we are geared up for it. Most importantly, we have the team and the expertise to handle all your payroll accurately and efficiently. This is important for you because even though you outsource your employees’ payroll to us, you as the business owner are still responsible for any errors.

At PayCheck we handle over 50,000 payslips every month, for more than 1,500 businesses and we will ensure that your employees are paid correctly and on time, whether you pay weekly, monthly, fortnightly, or 4-weekly. We provide web or email payslips and can pay by cheque or electronically. We deal with every aspect of PAYE and prepare all the necessary tax documents and returns. We will manage all your statutory responsibilities including SSP and SMP.

And all of this for a fixed monthly fee which we agree beforehand, and which has no hidden surprises in it.

So say goodbye to payroll frustration and hand it over to us lock, stock, and barrel. Then you can spend your valuable time on other pressing matters – like building your business.


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