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Get Rid Of The Worst Job In Your Business – Outsource Your Payroll!

Whatever sort of business you run, if you have employees you have to prepare their payslips. The more employees you have, the more payslips need to be prepared, and the more payslips there are, the more complicated the whole process becomes. This is because different employees are paid at different rates, and many of them have benefits which need to be taken into account.

Furthermore, the rules and regulations around payroll and taxes change continually, and this means that as the business owner you have to constantly keep up with the latest requirements so that you don't make a mistake. Either that, or you have one of your employees undertake the job, but the same thing applies.

Not only that, but when you run a small business, or for that matter any size business, calculating and running payroll is nothing but a drain on your resources. It earns your business nothing, and the more your business grows and the more employees you take on, the worse it gets, because it just takes more and more time to operate the payroll.

There can also be so many variations in your payroll. If you employ a certain person at a fixed salary in a certain job that is one thing, but if you employ salesmen, you almost certainly pay them on a commission basis. That means that their pay cheque is going to be different every pay day. The same thing occurs when someone works overtime. They get paid at a fixed rate per hour for their usual hours and then a higher rate for the overtime. All of this has to be calculated each pay day, and that could be weekly, monthly, fortnightly, or 4-weekly. In fact, the more often you pay your staff, the more complicated the whole thing becomes.

This is why you should outsource your employees’ payroll to us at Pay Check. When you do that, you wash your hands of the whole complicated business. You will find yourself breathing a sigh of relief when you realise the amount of time that has been involved when you could have been doing something important like obtaining new customers.

This is the whole point about payroll: it is simply an overhead, and the larger your business gets and the more employees you need to take on, the bigger the overhead becomes.

When you outsource your employees’ payroll to us, we quote you a fixed fee for each month, and that's it. So, you know in advance how much your payroll is costing you, and you can bet your life that it will be less than doing it yourself. Maybe you have never actually calculated the cost of your payroll to your business, but if you haven’t, it would be worthwhile spending an hour or so to do it. You will probably be amazed at just how much the total figure is.

Not only that, but there are other issues too. If the person in charge of your payroll goes sick for a month, what are you going to do? Or, he or she may quit, leaving you to find another employee to handle your payroll at short notice. Your employees still need to be paid, regardless of whatever problems that may cause you as a business owner.

And we haven’t even mentioned accuracy. If you make mistakes in your employees’ payroll that can mean that you send an incorrect return to HMRC and when they spot that you can be in for a large fine for something that was just unlucky. They don’t care how it happened.

Outsourcing your payroll to us gets rid of all those problems in a flash.


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