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The Benefits Of Partnering With Pay Check To Handle Your Clients’ Payrolls

If you are an accountant and/or provide bookkeeping services to your clients, one of the tasks that can be wearisome is that of payroll, and this is why so many people use our online payroll services for accountants. No matter how many payrolls you have to look after, rest assured that at Pay Check we can handle them, leaving you much more time for doing things that will expand your business rather than undertaking the day-to-day donkeywork.

We can deal with part or all of your payrolls as you require, and we will produce a programme that meets with your exact requirements. Our experts have the knowledge and capacity to handle payrolls of any size and any number from one to 2,000 employees and more, and all for an agreed fixed monthly fee with no hidden extras.

Partnering with us at Pay Check to handle your clients’ payroll will remove the headaches associated with meeting the deadlines and staying up to date with the ever-changing legislation as it affects payroll. You can be assured that this is one aspect of the services that you provide to your clients that will be on time every time and correct down to the last tiny detail.  We operate several different partnership models, including “white label”, direct client invoicing, and assessed retainer fee contracts.

We can provide you with the following:

  • Agent, client and employee portal for reporting and pay documents in one secure location
  • PAYE registration
  • Bespoke paperless reporting
  • Management of statutory responsibilities including SSP and SMP
  • Year-end reconciliation & P60s
  • Expert payroll advice and data submission consultancy.

Furthermore, we are a licenced commercial BACS bureau which means that we can remit payments direct to your clients’ employees’ banks on your behalf. For smaller companies or international clients who may not be able to set up BACS with their bank, we also provide an alternative solution which is to use our client account.

From the point of view of confidence in our systems, we are ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 registered which gives you the reassurance that we operate to the very highest levels of security.

BACS Direct Credit is the way in which the vast majority of the British workforce is paid today and has several advantages both for your clients and their employees. It is a simple matter to create and authorise a payment file and not only costs less than preparing, collating, and checking the correct remittance advice and then writing out a cheque, but saves all the time and effort involved. It saves the cost of the cheques themselves and the postage, and in addition avoids the chance of a cheque not arriving or arriving late. It also improves cash flow management because the client knows exactly when the funds will leave his or her account, and of course there is only one debit rather than one for each employee.

From the employee’s point of view, they have no need to go to the bank to pay in a cheque and then wait for it to be cleared, not to mention they will feel safe in the knowledge that their employer is up to date with modern technology. Funds are transferred instantly and arrive in the employees account on the due date with no chance of them getting lost or even stolen while in the post.

BACS Direct Credit payments are very easy to arrange with your clients’ bank. All we need to know is the name or names on the payment service provider account, service user number, the payment service provider account number, and the branch sort code.

BACS Direct Credit payments work on a three-day cycle. The payments are submitted by us to BACS on the first day, they are processed by the banks on the second day and at the same time debited from your client’s account, and credited to the employee account on the third day.

There are some 2.1 billion BACS payments made in the UK every year, and they are typically used for paying wages, pensions, state benefits, and tax credits. The process is totally secure for your clients and has been in use since 1968. It is thought that there have been around 130 billion payments made in total and according to recent research there has never been a mistake.

For more information on partnering with us to handle your clients’ payrolls, call us on 0207 498 1133 or email paycheck@paycheck.co.uk.


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