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Accountancy Practices Can Offer Additional Services To Clients

More and more small businesses today are choosing to outsource some of their functions to specialists, so they have more time to devote to important things such as growing their businesses. Chief among these is payroll because it has become much more complicated over the last ten years. This is because HMRC introduced RTI – Real Time Information – to the PAYE system in 2013, meaning that tax deductions and returns must be submitted every time an employee is paid instead of just at the year-end.

By outsourcing their payroll, businesses save a lot of time and a lot of money. They can also have peace of mind that their payroll is accurate when professionals are handling it. It also saves a lot of hassle if they have a staff member handling their payroll part-time and that staff member is off sick or takes a holiday. Outsourcing payroll gets rid of all those worries.

As an accountant, you can add an extra stream of income to your business by handling your clients’ payroll for them. You will also enhance the brand value of your firm because clients are likely to believe that they will get a higher level of service. In addition, it will make your practice more attractive to new clients if you are a one-stop shop.

You Need To Have The Expertise

Of course, providing payroll services to your clients means that you need to have the expertise to do so, and that means that you will either have to train an existing staff member or take on a payroll expert. You will also need to have a partner in your practice who is responsible for payroll and can keep up to date with the changes in legislation.

However, at Pay Check, we have a way around that issue for you because we provide payroll outsourcing services for accountants. Yes, our payroll services for accountants can handle your and your client's payroll.

In a nutshell, that means that your practice can have all the advantages of providing a payroll service to your clients without actually having to do any of the work because our payroll outsourcing services for accountants do everything for you.

If you would like to explore the possibilities of providing payroll to your clients using our payroll services for accountants, then, by all means, give us a call and let’s discuss it.


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