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Our Online Payroll Services for Accountants Are a Real Win-Win-Win

As a qualified accountant, you may be working for a company as their in-house accountant, or you may have decided to set up a business on your own from day one. Even if you are working for another company, the benefits of working for yourself are many. You become your own boss, and you effectively write your own pay cheque. So, you may well decide to set up your own practice.

Obviously, you will provide all the necessary services that a business requires from an accountancy practice. Your clients hand everything over to you because you know how to deal with everything and they don’t. Furthermore, they are running a business and they want to spend time generating income and expanding, rather than dealing with what, to many people, is “maths”.

However, if you can offer your clients other services, you can increase your income from those clients and also keep them happy. One of the biggest issues that faces many SMEs is payroll. So, why not offer to handle their payroll for them as well?

As small business grows, so does it’s payroll, and it is a thankless and time-consuming job that most business owners would be delighted to get rid of. So, if you offered to take it off their hands, most small business owners would jump at the chance.

However, you don’t actually have to tackle their payroll yourself because at PayCheck we provide payroll services for accountants. Yes, our online payroll services for accountants mean that you can offer the service to your clients and earn an additional stream of income without actually doing any of the work!

We work on a fixed monthly fee which we agree with you at the outset. So, you can use our online payroll services for accountants where we do all the work, and you just add your profit on top of our fees.

Our payroll services for accountants are a real win-win-win. Your clients are happy because they get rid of all the hassle of payroll, so they are more likely to stay with you for years. You are happy because you have an additional monthly revenue. And we are happy too because we have provided you with a service that has satisfied your customer


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