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Payroll Can Become A Big Headache For A Small Business

If you work for a company and yet you have an entrepreneurial spirit, you may well consider that you would be far better off working for yourself rather than working for a wage. So, you may decide to hand in your notice, and start up doing much the same thing on your own.

That’s all fine and good, and if you make a go of it, you will earn more money and be your own boss. Of course, if you do well, you will quickly come to the point where you want to expand. However, there are only so many hours in the day and you can’t do enough yourself, so you have to take on an employee to help.

From that moment on, you are faced with running a payroll. You may only need a secretary, or you may need a salesman in order to expand further. You can probably spend a happy hour or two finding out how you produce payslips, all of which you now have to do. But a payroll for one or two employees is not too difficult.

Suddenly You Are Employing Ten Or A Dozen People

What happens, of course, is that you don’t stop at one or two employees. As you earn more in your business, you want to expand further, and before you know it you can be employing ten or a dozen people. Some may be on commission. Some may work overtime. Some may have income benefits. And so on. Unfortunately, payroll just becomes one great big headache. You have better things to do, but payroll has to be done on time and accurately.

This is why so many SMEs today use the payroll processing services in the UK that we provide with our payroll bureau in London at PayCheck. From our base in Battersea, we have been providing payroll services in the UK since 1994, and we now have over 1,500 clients in the UK for whom we process 600,000 pay cheques a year. We can do the same for your business, whether you pay your staff weekly, fortnightly, four-weekly, or monthly.

When you use our payroll bureau in London to handle all your payroll we will agree a fixed monthly fee with you, so that you know exactly what it will cost you. In fact, when you hand all your payroll over to us it won’t “cost” you at all, because not only will you save time and all the hassle, but it will save you money as well.


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