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Outsourcing Your Payroll Makes Your Life So Much Easier

Whatever sort of business you run in London it is a fairly safe bet that – unless you are something of a maths whizz – one of your biggest headaches can be payroll.

Payroll is something that the vast majority of businessmen and women do not even consider when they first start up. This is because most businesses start very small and may just consist of the owner for the first few months. At most, there may be two or three partners.

But as the business starts to get off the ground and become successful you don’t want to stay at the same level. You want to expand and grow bigger, which is fair enough, but that will involve taking on employees. As soon as you do that, you find yourself facing things that never crossed your mind when you started out those few short months ago. We are talking things like payroll, dealing with the Inland Revenue, and very possibly running an auto-enrol pension scheme. You probably haven’t even considered starting your own pension scheme at that point, let alone one for employees.

These Things Are The Law

Yet, these things are the law, and so you have to deal with them. Apart from any other consideration, and even if you don’t have any employees eligible to join a pension scheme – yet – you have to deal with payroll. Employees need to be paid the correct amount, on time, every month, or however often you pay them.

On the other side of the coin, you have the Inland Revenue. They want to receive correct documentation every month, along with the appropriate amount of tax that you have deducted, and if they don’t, they will start sending you fines. All of which are not good for a small, growing business whose owners / partners / directors are only concerned with expanding it. Everything else is just a headache.

This is why so many businesses use payroll outsourcing companies in London such as ours at Pay Check.

Using payroll outsourcing companies in London instantly takes away all of the hassle that goes with payroll, HMRC, and even your pension scheme. We can deal with all of it for you with our streamlined software, including making payments to your employees and to HMRC. This is because we are a BACS approved bureau. We can send a file that you have approved through the BACS system which will trigger payments directly from your bank account to the receivers. It makes your life so much easier.


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