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Running Payroll Can Cost Small Businesses A Lot

When you run a small business, you may be surprised at just how much your employees are costing you in terms of payroll. If you have a big business, then you can justify hiring a payroll clerk to run your payroll because it is a full-time job. But in a small business, that is not possible. What usually happens, therefore, is that the business owner / director appoints a staff member to undertake the payroll for however long it takes. This takes that staff member away from other duties which may have been adding to the profit of the business.

Let’s face it, payroll is nothing short of an overhead, and the bigger your business grows, the bigger the overhead gets. It is not just the hours that your staff member has to spend doing the payroll, but there are other costs too, such as software, printers, printing and distributing payslips, and, of course, creating tax documents. In addition to that, you have to train that member of staff in how to do the payroll.

What Happens If Your Staff Member Goes Sick?

But it can get worse, because what happens if that staff member goes sick just before pay day? Even worse, what do you do if your staff member decides to leave your company? You are straight back to square one and have to start all over again.

But even if your member of staff doing the payroll never goes sick or on holiday, and stays with you for years, there can still be other issues surrounding payroll. Not the least of these is keeping up to date with all the changes in the law.

Then you can have a situation where there are just plain, old-fashioned, genuine errors. Nobody is perfect, but if you have somebody doing your payroll who is only a part-timer, so to speak, then it is much more likely that errors will occur, which could result in fines.

This is why so many smaller businesses today use payroll bureau services in the UK. At Pay Check, we provide payroll bureau services in the UK to some 1,500 businesses of all sizes, and we process around 50,000 payslips a month.

Our payroll service fits seamlessly with your business and allows you to get on with running it and increasing your reach and your profits, while we handle all the payroll side of things. Believe it or not, you will save money as well: our service starts at just £35.00 a month.


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