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Pay Check celebrates National Payroll Week 2022

What does payroll mean to you in 2022?

This first week of September Pay Check is joining the CIPP and other companies in the UK celebrating National Payroll Week 2022. What better time than now to show our appreciation to all the payrollers out there than today. This may be the first time NPW is celebrated in a hybrid mode, with activities in the office and sharing of knowledge across our internal platforms.

It is no secret that Payroll Departments in the UK have faced many changes in the past few years, and those behind the processing have had to adapt quickly to government regulations and clients’ incoming policy changes. Payrollers around the UK have had to learn and implement payments regarding furlough and flexi-furlough. Companies have had to evaluate their resources time and time again to keep afloat whilst navigating a whole slew of pandemic and post-pandemic regulations.

Two years on and we are still adapting and revising calculations. We have seen a freeze on the basic national personal allowance whilst also adopting a mid-tax-year revision of the NIC thresholds. We have witnessed an introduction of the Healthcare Levy at a rate of 1.25%, which we now know will remain for 2023/2024 as its separate pay field. We are now facing considerations in statutory payments, for those who apply, whereby qualifying criteria is to be calculated on actual wages instead of the furlough payments received at the time.

Today, we are on the cusp of possible further policy introductions derived from the current economic climate the world is facing. One thing is for sure, Pay Check has always had one eye on HMRC, ensuring any amendments are actioned in due time and that any necessary training is provided for all within the company. With the appropriate tools in place, we can make certain all the stakeholders, clients and their employees are within regulations, and we avoid potential errors.

With all this in mind we wanted to share and invite you to ask yourself ‘What does payroll mean to you in 2022?’. Here are some of the responses from our colleagues at Paycheck.

  • ‘To me Payroll means Coming back to zero! When you are balancing a payroll and the total you arrive at matches the one sent by the client. Satisfaction at its finest :)’ – LL, Payroll Team Leader & Training Manager
  • ‘Payroll for me means Money. We are responsible for someone’s wages at the end of a month or period, as well as our clients’ resources.’ - MF, Payroll Administrator

National Payroll Week is being celebrated from 5th - 8th September 2022 in conjunction with the Chartered Institute of Payroll Professionals (CIPP).


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