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The More Employees You Have, The More Complex Your Payroll

Even the most experienced of people can find payroll a pain in the neck. But nonetheless, they struggle on with it because, after all, somebody has got to run it. Your employees want paying and they want paying exactly on time, same day every week or month or four-weekly or whatever it is that you do. So does HMRC.

Now if for some reason you are late, your employees may moan about it, but HMRC won’t. It will just fine you. It will also fine you if you file all your returns on time and pay the amounts due, but you make an unfortunate error.

Of course, another problem with payroll is that the more your business expands the more employees you need, and the more employees you have, the more complex your payroll becomes. You can have three different employees all doing the same job for the same wage, and yet their pay cheques, and therefore their tax returns, are all different. It can be enough to make you want to tear your hair out!

However, the good news is that there is actually a solution, and that is to get rid of the whole job completely, which you can do when you use our payroll outsourcing services in the UK at Pay Check.

We Chose Our Name Carefully

When we set up our payroll outsourcing services in the UK back in 1996, we chose our name very carefully. It had to convey what we do, which is run your payroll so that it is easy for you to write your pay cheques, and it is also because when we run your payroll, we check everything carefully so that it is all correct. The last thing you need is fines from HMRC because somebody else made an error!

We even run our payroll outsourcing services in the UK for start-ups with just one or two employees. This is because a new business is very often started by people who have been working for another company in the same sector and they are intent on growing their new business fast. Having worked in the same industry, they are fully aware that payroll is something that they really do not want to get involved in, and so they use our payroll outsourcing services in London from the get-go. This gives them the time to do what they want to do, and that is to expand their business and make money.


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